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Buch Annotations on translations and additional literature
  • many bookcovers and covers from tapes from different eras in different languages
  • comparing drawings of Eileen Soper, Betty Maxey, José Correas, Wolfgang Hennecke, Alain Voss und Jean Sidobre
  • Annotations on English, German, Spanish, Basque, French, Dutch editions
  • Annotations on secondary literature
Buch "Five have a puzzling time"
  • "Famous Five have a Puzzling Time"
  • 5 Freunde - The Panini Sticker-Album
  • Norman Wright: The Famous Five - Everything you ever wanted to know!
  • TV-Specials, Annuals und Albums from the 1978's TV-serie and the 1996's TV-serie
  • Sticker-Ablums
  • Magazines
Ghostbok More books available in Germany
("Continuation" of the series by other authors)
  • Ghostbooks
  • Die berühmten 5-serie from the Schneider-Buch-Verlag
  • Fünf-Freunde-Bücher from the Voiler im Bertelsmann-Verlag
  • Fünf Freunde und Du-serie from the Verlag Bertelsmann-omnibus
  • Titels from the episodes 22+
  • Comics