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Five run away together


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subterranean passages hidden treasures thiefs and smugglers kidnapping secret documents trapped!
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screenshot: Five kommen an 1978 serie
  • Fanny is not ill; George's parents had to leave Kirrin cottage
  • the villains are not kidnappers but keep an eye on an escaped prisioner
  • the boat is not in repairing, Mr Stock tries to steal it during the night
  • no roaring in the dungeons
  • George and Dick are taken captured (in the book a girl was kidnapped!)
  • Edgars kidnapping is less spectacular than in the book 
  • he is placed on George's and Dick's place down in the dungeon
  • boat is been stolen on the island
  • Anne is the first time on the island (in the books nearly every episode plays on the island), but in the book its's the first and only time

  • OK
    screenshot: Five on Kirrin Island again
    screenshot: Mr und Mrs Stick
    screenshot: Mrs Stick
    screenshot: Sträfling versteckt auf der Insel
    screenshot: Jennifer gefesselt auf Rückbank
    screenshot: Timmy bellt
    screenshot: Timmy bellt
    screenshot: Julian und George beobachten 1996 serie
  • Francis is not ill, but is nursing a relative
  • Quentin is in the house, until he visits Prof. Hayling
  • Jennifer's father is a General
  • another castle/island is chosen as in "Five on a treasure island";too well-trodden paths for a seldom visited island
  • great szene with Quentin and the sandwiches

  • close to the book
    screenshot: Anne und George beobachten
    screenshot: Qualm auf Insel
    screenshot: Qualm auf Insel
    screenshot: George
    screenshot: George
    screenshot: Dick, Anne, George und Julian gucken ins Verlies
    screenshot: Dick, Anne, George und Julian gucken ins Verlies
    screenshot: Dick und George im Verlies gefesselt
    screenshot: Five mit Jennifer im Verlies
    screenshot: Mrs Stock und Edgar
    screenshot: Edgar fürchtet sich

    BasqueBostak Ihesi
    Chinese著名的五个 3: :共同脱险
    CroatianZajednički bijeg
    CzechSprávná pĕtka - Pĕtka na útĕku
    DanishDe fem på nye eventyr
    DutchDe Vijf gaan er vandoor
    EnglishFive run away together
    FinnishViisikko aarresaarella
    FrenchLe Club des Cinq contre-attaque
    GermanFünf Freunde auf geheimnisvollen Spuren
    IndonesianSeri Lima Sekawan: Minggat
    ItalianI cinque fuggono assieme
    PortugueseOs Cinco Voltam ā Ilha
    RussianTaina starawa podsemelia
    SpanishLos Cinco se escapan
    SwedishFem på rymmarstråt

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