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Five on Kirrin Island again


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subterranean passages hidden treasures thiefs and smugglers kidnapping secret documents trapped!
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screenshot: Dick, Julian und George warten auf Quentins Signal 1978 serie
! The beginnig of this episode is at " ... on a treasure island! "
  • Rogers talks about Quentin's habits on the island
  • no Martin, but an open conflict between both spies, Curton and Johnson 
  • no coast-guard 
  • Solar-experiments 
  • the boys travel without spates through the tunnel
  • Quentin, George, Julian, Dick and Timmy travel back through the tunnel (afte the adventure), not by rowing

  • close to the book
    screenshot: Dick, Julian, Anne und George warten auf Quentins Signal
    screenshot: Mr Curton und Mr Johnson im Gespräch
    screenshot: Mr Johnson und Martin
    screenshot: Quentins Turm
    screenshot: Quentins Turm
    screenshot: Julian, George, Anne und Dick mit Onkel Quentin und Tante Fanny beim Picknick auf der Insel
    screenshot: Julian, Dick und Anne treffen Martin im Steinbruch
    screenshot: George und Timmy im Boot 1996 serie
  • tower is very small, and has no modern equipment
  • nobody knows, what Quentin is working on
  • Timmy stays back on the island after first visit
  • George is very chatterbox
  • Dick is very childish with the time (as if Quentin always looks after the time/mechanical watches do not run very synchronously) 
  • George falls into the tunnel - in the book she follows Timmy in a gap below a stone
  • The Five do not learn much about Martin
  • Why don't George and Quentin not run away; they are not tied up
  • George defuses the bomb in last second; in the book Quentin deactivates his source of energy half an hour before explosion

  • close to the book
    screenshot: George und Timmy im Geheimgang
    screenshot: Timmy im Zimmer von Julian und Dick
    screenshot: Dick
    screenshot: Julian und Dick im Geheimgang
    screenshot: Bombe
    screenshot: Onkel Quentin und George gefesselt
    screenshot: Bösewicht stellt Geoorge und Onkel Quentin
    screenshot: Quentins Comuter

    BasqueBostak Berriro Kirrin Uhartean
    Chinese著名的五个 6: :再次光临克琳岛
    CzechSprávná pĕtka - Pĕtka znovu na ostrovĕ
    DanishDe fem på øen igen
    DutchDe Vijf weer op Kirrin-eiland
    EnglishFive on Kirrin Island again
    FrenchLe Club des Cinq joue et gagne
    GermanFünf Freunde auf der Felseninsel
    GreekΤο μονοπάτι του τρόμου
    IndonesianSeri Lima Sekawan: Berkelana
    ItalianI cinque all`isola di Kirrin/Mistero sull´isola
    PortugueseOs Cinco Salvaram o Tio
    RussianTaina sekretnoi laboratori
    SpanishLos Cinco otra vez en la Isla de Kirrin
    SwedishFem räddar en hemlighet

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