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Famous Five

Five have a mistery to solve


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subterranean passages hidden treasures thiefs and smugglers kidnapping secret documents trapped!
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1978 serie
not been filmed
1996 serie
  • the boat-hiring-boy replaces the golf-field-watcher
  • boat HAD to been lost, there where no efforts to bring the boat to security although George noticed the strong currents 
  • Wilfried has no magic flute
  • the szene with Quentin's lost papers ist played high-up; the original location is at Julian parents' house 
  • Mrs Layman stays in the house in the house, it has the telephone-number (12345) 
  • Wilfried comes with the Famous Five, they are rescued by the police

  • close to the original

    BasqueBostak Misterio Bat Argitzen
    CzechSprávná pĕtka - Pĕtka a tajemství Šeptajícího ostrova
    DanishDe fem pĺ den hviskende ř
    DutchDe Vijf en de schat op het Fluistereiland
    EnglishFive have a mystery to solve
    FrenchLes Cinq et le secret du vieux puits
    GermanFünf Freunde machen eine Entdeckung
    GreekΟ κρυμμένος θησαυρός
    IndonesianSeri Lima Sekawan: Di Pulau Seram
    PortugueseOs Cinco na Ilha dos Murmúrios
    RussianTaina solotich statui
    SpanishLos Cinco han de resolver un enigma
    SwedishFem löser en gĺta

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