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subterranean passages hidden treasures thiefs and smugglers kidnapping secret documents trapped!
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1978 serie
not adapted for the screen
1996 serie
  • very far-fetched to fumble out in the dark the right Scrabble-letters, the version with the paper is more realistic (By the way, GRIN - could stand for geoRGINa...)
  • no visit to Kirrin Island
  • Timmy doesn't go to Gringo's market
  • Jo knows George's dressing-gown!!
  • George is rescued in daylight; Julian and Dick behave very careless (they don't take cover etc.) 
  • Julian doesn't say his name (only "Julian") at the telefone
  • Elbour reappers at the end

  • very close to the book

    BasqueBostak Zoriontsu
    CzechSprávná pĕtka - Pĕtka a únosci
    DanishDe fem og kidnapperne
    DutchDe Vijf als detectives
    EnglishFive have plenty of fun
    FinnishViisikko Ja Lapsenryostajat
    FrenchEnlčvement au Club des Cinq
    GermanFünf Freunde jagen die Entführer
    IndonesianSeri Lima Sekawan: Menyamarkan Teman
    ItalianUna divertente avventura
    PortugueseOs Cinco e os Raptores
    RussianTaina serebristowo limusina
    SpanishLos Cinco se divierten
    SwedishFem och kidnapparna

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